Monday, April 7, 2008

Sr Bulldog Luncheon - Skate Keys and All!

GREAT! Thanks so much Cathy - I know everyone will enjoy reading this!

Hey CP:
Here are a few photos from today's Sr. Bulldog Luncheon:

Pic 1) Cathy Nicholls Coyle ('67); Sally Shelton Thomas ('68); and Pam Zipfel Kirkwood ('64)


Pic 3) Sally (Shelton) Thomas's Skate Key and her Mom's Skate Key (BHS Class of '41)

Pics 4-7) THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE MARINES! Gary Smedsted ('64); John Coyle ('65); and Jon Kirkwood ('64)

I spoke with Gary Smedsted after the Sr. Bulldog luncheon today. He told me that his family, including his brother, "Dewey" Smedstad, had moved up North to the San Jose area in 1965. Since Gary had just graduated and eventually enlisted into the Marines, he decided to stay in Burbank. Unfortunately, Dewey died in San Jose, July of 1990.

Also at the meeting, Linda Durkee Johnson, (in charge of the Alumni Drill Team), announced that "any" alumni of Burbank High School is welcome to march in the Drill Team in Burbank on Parade (April 26th); and also in the Centennial Parade in September.

Cathy Nicholls Coyle


  1. barbara zelenay4/9/08, 11:36 AM

    i also did alot of skating in my time. i remember harrys roller rink in glendale ,sally looks great . i grew up with the coyle family. hey, john ! i have to say i was a better skater than my sister madelaine. she was the better dancer.

  2. Hi Barbara!

    The BIG question is... do you STILL have your skate key???

    I do not and am amazed these girls still do - LOL!!

    Thanks for stopping by.