Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Go Fish!

Fishing is something that some people are WILD about and Pam sent this earlier today:

Mallory's Mom, Patti says to tell you thank you so much...It all looks wonderful on your blog and it will help Mallory celebrate!

She also sent this about her brother, Chris Basso BHS '80...He has a couple of sites and guess they are self explanatory...This is for the BHS fisherman!!! Opening Day at Lake Crowley is coming soon...


I also wanted to see if you could add my brother to one of your loops or maybe Cathy would blog him.

He is class of 1980 and here are two of his links, he drives for the studios, but he is also a fishing guide up at lake Crowley, and opening day is coming up. (wearing black shirt in this one)

Ever seen a blonde Italian :)

Anyway this is his passion!!!

--- end ---

I had to LAUGH because TODAY my daughter who is a fishing nut (has her captain's license) sent me the following pic of Ernie, Linda's boyfriend, who was in the Pensacola paper today! He makes fishing rods for a living - and also here's a pic of Linda and Hannah along with a video from this past weekend on the Pensacola pier:

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