Friday, April 25, 2008

Virtual Cemetery

Thank you, Linda, for all your hard work on this virtual cemetery of 1967 deceased classmates. (Click here to see Linda's other links.)

Hi! Cathy

I have been working for awhile on my own special memorial for our 1967 deceased classmates. I was waiting to get a couple of more headstone photos before sending you the link, but after receiving your email in regards to George Key, I decided not to wait any longer before sending the link to our 1967 Find A Frave Memorials that I have created.

How Find A Grave (FAG) works is simple. It is free to registrar and it is like visiting a cemetery from the comfort of home. You can click on my name and see my bio and how long I have been a member and how many memorials and photos I have done. One of the neat things at FAG is you can create your own virtual cemeteries which I have 14 and one is to our 1967 deceased classmates. Another one I just started is BHS deceased alumni with the exception of 1967 as they have their own. I have added many of my family members including my parents who are both buried in Missouri and that is where I will someday be buried.

In regards to George Key, both his parents are deceased and he is buried next to them.

I am sending the link to my FAG Virtual Cemetery for our 1967 deceased classmates. The information I used was from our yearbooks, my research and your website, their Obits. and family and classmates rememberances. The little flower next to their name means that a flower was left for them and most are from me as I left one for each classmate. The little picture frame next to their name means a bio and the small headstone next to their name means there is a photo of their headstone. I think you may want to include each individual link be put under each of their photos on your memorial page.

Hope you enjoy my efforts as it is nice that we remember our deceased classmates. The good thing is I can update the information as I get more infro...........

I will be working all day Sat. at the BHS Cent. Booth at Burbank On Parade.......

take care!........

Linda Mustion

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