Saturday, April 19, 2008

Real Troopers!

Ya'll look GREAT with your pompoms!!! So sorry the practice was canceled at the last minute but am glad you took the photo, Cathy - THANKS!!

Cathy Coyle (BHS '67), Joan Chandler (BHS '57), and Lee Paysinger (BHS '52)

Hi CP:
Today John and I went to the Alumni Drill Team Practice & Photo Shoot.

We were surprised to see we were the only ones there until Lee Paysinger (BHS '52) and Joan Chandler (BHS '57) showed up. We found out that the practice had been canceled due to overcast weather.

The Alumni Drill Team was formed in 1987 with former Drill Team and Band Members from JBHS and BHS. We marched not only in Burbank on Parade each year but were also invited to march in the Annual Montrose Christmas Parade. We would wear tights, longsleeve turtlenecks and Santa Claus hats to bear the cold weather.

One time while marching in the Burbank On Parade it started pouring down rain. Bill Kuzma, who was the Alumni Band Leader at the time, told the Band that they did not have to march in the rain and take the chance of ruining their instruments. Each of them made the choice of staying and marching in the rain. We all got soaking wet.... But we had a great time!

One of my great memories was marching in the Alumni BHS/JBHS Football game in 1987. We put on an actual Pre-Game and Half Time show; including Alumni band, cheerleaders, majorettes, drill team, small flags and banner carriers! Since there were so few Alumni Cheerleaders we also got to help them cheer for our old Alma Mater to a crowd of 4000! It was a great chance to feel 17 again!

We also joined in on the Doo Dah Parade a few times; one time spraying our hair with white spray to make us look even older. I marched with the Alumni Drill Team from 1987 to 1997..... But Joan Chandler and Lee Paysinger have been marching in the Burbank on Parade with the Alumni Drill Team for the past 20 years! They are REAL TROOPERS!

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