Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Linda is on Fox11 News

Received the following email from Linda Mustion, a researcher who has provided us with most of the information on our Memorial Page - THANKS LINDA!

Hi! Cathy......

Sunday they had Grandview Cemetery open for 1 day and I went over to see if I could get a grave location and find our deceased classmate Barbara June Peterson's grave site. I got the grave location, but unable to find her grave. The cemetery has been having legal problems for 3 years and was closed for awhile, then reopened for limited visits, but closed again 9 months ago due to safety reasons and fire danger as all water and power has been off since the state shut them down from doing any business. Anyhow when I got there on Sunday all the news stations were there. I was interviewed by Fox11 News. I am in the video twice just briefly and they misspelled my last name to Mustang.

(The news story is sad as folks are having trouble finding grave sites of loved ones due to neglect of the cemetary.)

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  1. Christine Winters Cline4/2/08, 9:50 AM

    Hi Linda and all –

    Thanks for posting this information. It seems that Fox 11 news went into more detail on the neglect aspect of this cemetery than the other news channels did. Never imagined anyone could let a final resting place become so abused as this.

    My husband, Tim, and I were there as well, trying to find my brother’s grave. He is in the baby and children section, laid to rest in the early 50s. We brought some scissors as we figured some edging of the grave marker might be in order. Never realized we should have brought a backhoe to dig down through packed dirt and thick weeds which were hiding about 95 percent of the plaques!

    The only way I even found my brother’s gravestone was because one of the nearby graves was partially uncovered, and I recognized that one, so I started digging all around it.

    There was one other person who was searching that section who said he had been uncovering gravestones there for over an hour and still could not find his sister’s grave. We began to help him in his search, but to no avail.

    I’ve never seen such blatant disrespect for the dead, although I’m sure this can’t be the only case of this type. Thanks again for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

    Best Wishes,
    Christine Winters Cline
    Class of 67