Saturday, April 19, 2008

Richard DePerna Founder of The Boston Tea Party Band

I did not know this at all and looking in the Ceralbus, I see Rob DePerna was 2 years behind us - thanks for the info Linda! Read more about Richard on our memorial page.

Cathy.......did you know our deceased classmate Richard DePerna was a founder of the 60's band "The Boston Tea Party" with his brother.

One source list his brother as Mike and another as Robert.

I am sending an attachment and 2 links to check them out.


  1. As a fringe friend of the band, I am shocked that Richard is no longer with us. His brother was in fact Robert (Rob). Mike Stevens was the lead guitarist and song writer, though Rich also wrote. The band came out with a song called "Words" that was written by another song writer, and was just getting local air-play when, somehow, the writer sold the song to the Monkees' and they released it, eclipsing the Boston Tea Party's success with it. I remember Rich's first car, a Buick Rivera, and how we'd cruise in it..GOOD TIMES!!
    Dino (Donald)Totten (my good friend) was the original drummer for the group, and word has it he did all the session work on the lp, Dave was added later after Dino had a breakdown after losing his mother..God Bless you Richard..RIP

    1. Dino (Donald) Totten passed away 11 Jan 2000 in Jasper,AL.

    2. Brandon DePerna10/30/16, 3:52 AM

      Richard was my dad and Robert my uncle. I miss them both very much. I still have a picture of that buick. Thank you for keeping his memory alive.

    3. May the Lord continue to comfort you and your family, Brandon. I only knew Richard in school and he was a fun guy with a great smile.