Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jeanne Barron

LOVE the photos you sent, Jeanne. You, your mom and Sally all look FABULOUS! See you soon, my friend.

Hi Cathy

I also have been reminiscing a lot lately. We were so fortunate to have our childhood. Reminds me of Spanky and our Gang. Loved Brownies. Fascinated by your garage filled with chinchillas. Your mother was always a source of comfort to me. Loved the Little Store on the walk to your house or Diana's. I'd drink Bubble Up thru a red licorice stick. And those waxed pickles for 5 cents, yeah baby!

I pulled this photo from a trip I just made with my mom to Seattle.

Local artists created 100 pigs to display in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Pikes St Market. We romped through the streets one day and I took pictures of mom posing at many of them. Fortunately a man offered to take this of us together. Still vibrantly friendly, she had a new friend by the time we were through. The true purpose of our trip was to attend the wedding of her best friend, Chris' granddaughter. It meant so much to Megan, the bride, and her mom, Stephanie, to have my mom there because she brought the essence of Stephanie's parents who passed on nearly 10 years ago.

Last week was the first week back to school. Whew! Hopefully my class numbers will be down by next week. I was 15 over contract which is 155 max. This will be my 8th year at Pioneer High School. I teach Sculpture and Ceramics. I used to do the Year Book too but I'm glad it's just the clay now. Prior to this job I taught K-8th Woodshop and Ceramics. I loved that but had to leave due to the new
administrator. Long ugly story. High School is great though and I've been able to experience all the ages now and witness their breadth of creativity.

During many summers I have had the opportunity to travel. It is such a fulfilling experience. I try to connect up with local artists and learn directly from them. Last year I went to Bali and did wood carving and batik. In 2001 I had an incredible experience in Tinos, Greece carving marble. Both are places I'd return to in a heart beat.

Also, last summer Sally Edwards Pawlik came here for a visit.

We spent some time in Burbank then headed north to Haight Ashbury for a few days and then camped in the Santa Cruz mountains. Currently she and her husband, Marek, are on a
jeep trek in Pakistan along the Chinese border. Now she is the adventurer for sure. She has the stories!

In her last email to me she said "Please give my love and
say hello to whoever might still remember me and say how sorry i am not to be with you all."

I'll look for a couple more pics for you to post but right now I'm heading to bed. This was fun to write while doing late night laundry. The sheets are dry so it's time to close. Can hardly wait to see you.

Lots of love

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