Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"I had an awesome time at the reunion..." Denny Lombard

So many are thanking me but really, working on the blog and connecting with folks is the FUN part! Totally enjoyed chatting with you and meeting your lovely wife.


I had an awesome time at the reunion too; way beyond my expectations! Thank you to "all" who worked so hard in putting it together!

I really look forward to fostering the friendships that were renewed at the reunion! It was inspiring to see so many friends from 40 years ago and share stories about where life has brought us. Days after, the memories continue to linger. I hope to find more time so I can continue reading through the notes on your blog from everyone. I think having your blog available has really added to the experience of a reunion and made it more memorable. Once again, thank you for your work on this. I hope it isn't getting too overwhelming for you?

As for my photography at the Skunk Works, the link you found is fine for those who enjoy aviation and might be curious about my work.

Denny Lombard

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