Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"BHS Reunion Re-visited" by Ron Wysocky

Thanks a bunch, Ron, for your kind words! There seemed to be a special bonding of friends over the weekend. Very cool indeed! May each stay in touch in the years to come. Your friend, the blog-lady!


What a great time last Saturday evening. The feeling of re-connecting with friends and reminiscing was just terrific. You deserve a big thank-you for your efforts on your blog which brought things together.

When I saw you and called you the blog-lady at the reunion, it was a nickname that just rolled off the tongue spontaneously. I have to admit that when I first saw the blog last month, I started to think that I had to be there.

Thanks again for the dances my friend. May you enjoy the days ahead especially when you become a grandparent. There is nothing quite like it.

All the best.

Ron Wysocky

Sr. Programmer/Analyst - UNIX Administrator
Wachovia Dealer Services
Irvine, CA

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