Thursday, September 27, 2007

Memories from Chris Peterson (updated 9/29/07)

THANK CHRIS! I can't believe you still have all this!

Btw, for the BHS 100 year event next September they are asking former classmates, "Do you have any memorabilia you would be willing to donate to a permanent display of BHS history?" and I'm donating my Bob's carhop hat - lol!

PLUS, Joan Nobile Ortega and Freddy are talking about having a class breakfast next year - FUN and DELICIOUS!!! I'm making plans to go - how 'bout you?

Hi Cathy,

I'm going to send you some stuff I have saved for....hmmmm......40 years.

They might be interesting...or not....your choice. Also, I have several HI LIFE editions and will send them if you can download them as PDF files as the pages are larger than my scanner. Let me know what will work.

Best Wishes,

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