Monday, September 10, 2007

Ginny Shoemaker

LOVE the Brownie Troop pic, Ginny!! I was in troop 108 - anyone got a photo?? And if you can identify who's who, please let me know. See you Sat, Ginny. (Note to all: to enlarge any photo, just click on it... we need all the help we can get these days - lol!)

I loved your story so I will briefly (HAH) give you mine......

After high school, I went to Valley college for two years. I wasnt happy at school and didnt really know what I wanted to do. After two years of school, I decided to get a job. I went to work for Pacific Telephone as an operator. shortly after I started my job, I met the man who would father my only daughter. We got married and then a year later we were divorced.

I was a single parent for the rest of these years. Which I didnt mind at all. I learned to love myself and that was big lesson.

My daughter went away to college at Sonoma State up in northern California. After she graduated, I decided to go back and finish my schooling. My company said if I wanted a degree in business management they would pay for it. So I enrolled in the Redlands program. It took me 4 years (working full time) to finish the rest of my degree. I graduated from Redlands in 1997 with a degree in business management. I was so proud of myself.

In 2001, after working with Pac bell now turned SBC (and is now At&T again) for 32 years, I retired for health reasons. I had to have surgery on my windpipe because it collasped. I am glad I had the surgery because now I can really enjoy my retirement . The only downfall is that my voice is not the same anymore. I am grateful to be able to speak the way I do.

My Daughter, Candace (36), lives in Fresno with her boyfriend. He works for At&t and she bought herself an internet cafe. She loves the work and hopes to make enough money soon to hire someone to work with her. She is all by herself until her boyfriend gets off work and comes by to help out.

I now live in Ventura. I moved out of Burbank in 1980 and have lived in Ventura ever since then. I love living just 4miles from the ocean. The weather is very nice up here-not to cold or too hot. It isn't foggy all the time as many people think.

I mentioned earlier that I have been single most of my life. Well, in 2003, I met a wonderful man ,Jim, who I love and adore. I am so grateful that he came into my life. he will be coming with me to the reunion.

Cannot wait to see everyone at the reunion. I wont' be attending the other activities because of time limitations.

I will work on getting a picture....


I received this picture from Mary (Hendricks) Johnson. We were in Brownies together. A few other coeds from our high school days are Carolyn (Ensrud) Weaver and Diane McCall ------ I thought you might like to see it.

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