Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reunion Photos from Rebecca Sorenson

It was wonderful seeing you at the reunion, Rebecca! Love the photos. And don't we all need prayer now and again? I know I sure do! Thanks for caring.

Hi Cathy,

It was wonderful meeting you at the reunion!

Here are the photos from my camera. Thought you might like to see them. You are in several of them. I like the one of you and Marilyn and me Ü

John, Marilyn and me prayed and laid hands on a fellow classmate as they are going through tough times, but the Lord is working in their life and we spoke peace and strength to them. I believe it was a refreshing. I know you will join us in agreement.

God bless you!


Rebecca Sorenson and Marilyn Williams

Mary Brotsis, Vince Goddard, Mary Ogle and Marilyn Miller

The Drill Team: Shari Deuel, Sue Casimano, Karen Lundigan, Leigh Rugee, Mary Brotsis, Patty Hardinghaus, Cathy Nicholls and Cathy Palmer

Cathy Palmer, Marilyn Williams and Rebecca Sorenson

Marilyn Williams with husband Jon Peterson BHS '65

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