Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cathy Nicholls Coyle's Photos

Thanks for sending the great photos, Cathy! Looks like ya'll had a fun time at Freddie and Joan's. And a BIG THANK YOU for all the hard work you did with Donna Luce to make this year's reunion a GRAND SUCCESS!

Hi Cathy:

First of all I would like to thank Dona Foy very much for promoting my husband's book
The Fear of
. If you happen to buy it (on-line at you can email me at and we can set up a meeting for John to sign it for you. We live in Santa Clarita.

Here are some photos from one of the other pre-reunion parties. We partied till 2:00 a.m. Thanks to Joan and Freddie Ortega for being such great hosts!

The reunion was a great way to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. With the pre-reunion parties; Bob's Big Boy for lunch; the Reunion and the picnic on Sunday we were totally exhausted by Monday. Thanks to you all for making it such a amazing event!

Hope to see you at the 100 Year Anniversary of BHS next September!

Cathy Nicholls Coyle

Cathy Nicholls and Donna Luce

John Coyle BHS '65 (husband of Cathy Nicholls), Freddy Ortega BHS '65 (husband of Joan Nobile) and Nancy Krogh

Cathy Nicholls, Patty Hardinghaus, Dona Foy, Susan Casimano and Marilyn Williams

Elaine Morton, John Coyle, Donna Luce and Kay Rodenberg

Donna Luce and Elaine Morton

Dawn Moselle (Hourigan) and Dave Hourigan

Al Klascius (husband of Patty Hardinghaus), Susan Casimano and Diane McCall

Karen Lundigan (Panich), Ron Panich, Shari Deuel, Chris Morris, Jon Peterson BHS '65 (husband of Marilyn Williams) and Joan Ely

John Coyle and Ron Panich

Joan Nobile (Ortega), Karen Lundigan (Panich), Ron Panich, Donna Luce, Nancy Krogh, Shari Deuel, Joan Ely, Chris Morris, Jay Todd (husband of Kay Rodenberg), Scott Bruckner BHS '66 (fiance of Dona Foy), Jon Peterson and Cathy Nicholls (Coyle)

UPDATE 9/26/07
More great photos from our lunch at Bob's. Thanks Cathy!

Cathy & Cathy! (Palmer and Nicholls)

The gang waiting to be seated!

Jeanne Barron, Marilyn Miller, Steve Beninato, Cathy Palmer and Mary Ogle

Donna Luce, John Coyle BHS '65 (Cathy Nicholls' husband), Deanna Lloyd and Andrea Moxness

Jim Herren, Jon Peterson BHS '65 (Marilyn Williams' husband), Shari Deuel, Marilyn Williams, Joanne Yoffee, Jan Brownstein and Jeanne Barron

Linda Mustion, Guest, Joseph Bingham and Don Edwards (husband of Connie Cirinelli)

Marilyn Miller, Dona Foy, Connie Cirinelli, Don Ray and Andrea Moxness

Cathy Nicholls, Al Klascius (husband of Patty Hardinghaus), Patty Hardinghaus and Elaine Morton

Cathy Nicholls, Jeanne Barron, Joanne Yoffee, Marilyn Williams and Mary Ogle

UPDATE 10/1/07
More pics to enjoy from Cathy Nicholls!

Alma (Tacket) Carson, Mary Brotsis and Jim Carson

Leigh Rugee, Cathy Nicholls and Kathleen Dupree

Cathy Nicholls and Ray Lackey

Patty Thomas, Mindy Green Kathy Kale, Sari Mutal and Nancy Green

Jim and Sue (Williams) Shaw

Cathy Nicholls and Jim O'Dea

TWINS ONCE! Nancy Green, Mindy Green, Cathy Nicholls and Joan Nobile

TWINS TWICE! Cathy Nicholls, Jim O'Dea, Joan Nobile, Mindy and Nancy Green

Suzanne Lane and Sue Casimano

John and Cathy (Nicholls) Coyle and Patty (Hardinghaus) and Al Klascius

Chris Peterson, Marilyn Miller and Jeanne Barron

Dave and Dawn (Moselle) Hourigan and Dave and Dave and Mary LeSueur

Elaine Fein, Alma Tackett and Mary Brotsis

Cathy (Nicholls) and John Coyle with Cathy Palmer

Cathy Nicholls, Joan Ely, Marilyn Williams, Rebecca Sorenson, Kay Rodenberg, Kathleen Dupree, Karen Lundigan and Patty Hardinghaus

Cathy Nicholls, Joan Nobile, Martha Youngquist, Chris Peterson and Dawn Moselle

Elaine Morton and Vince Goddard

Mary Ogle and Neal Hershenson

Michael and Nancy Torres

Elaine Fein, Chris and Sherri Peterson

Cathy Nicholls, Denny Lombard, Marilyn Williams, Al Thuotte, Shari Deuel and Cathy Palmer

Ron Panich, Joanne Yoffee and Don Ray

Tom Hurd and Sue Casimano

Cathy Palmer and Al Thuotte

Cathy Nicholls, Cathy Palmer and Sue Casimano

Jeanne Barron and Alan Singer

Cathy (Nicholls) and John Coyle

Mary Ogle, Cathy Nicholls, Al Thuotte, Joanne Yoffee and Sue Casimano

Ron Panich, Neal Hershenson, Karen Lundigan, Marilyn Williams, Cathy (Nicholls) and John Coyle

Jon Peterson, John Coyle, Don Ray, Ron Panich and Neal Hershenson

Mary Brotsis, Mary Ogle and Cathy Palmer

Cathy Nicholls and Mary Brotsis

Cathy Palmer and Cathy Nicholls

Donna Luce, Mary Brotsis and Cathy Nicholls

Karen (Lundigan) and Ron Panich, Neal Hershenson, Alan Singer and Sayoko Hershenson

Karen Lundigan, Mary Brotsis, Ron Panich, Marilyn Miller, Neal Hershenson, Mary Ogle, Alan Singer, Joanne Yoffee and Cathy Nicholls


  1. hi. i am barbara zelenay .madelaines sister 1970 grad. reviewed your pictures . what great times you all had. many faces i remember. iwent to school with johns sister. spent many years growing up with his family. it was great to see donna luce. jim odea. ron pannish ,elaine morton , just to name a few. how wonderful it is you all keep in touch.

  2. Hi Barbara! Thanks for stopping by.

    Maybe you want to start a blog for your class?? It's free and it's fun! If yes, I can help.



  3. Joann Yoffee ! my teacher from Chatsworth High
    1973. Still HOT!