Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Andrea Moxness Pre-Reunion Party Photos

Thanks Andrea... looks like ya'll had a great time at Deanna's!

Andrea Moxness, Dave LeSueur and Nancy Winner

Deanna Lloyd, her husband Don, Vince Goddard, Jeanne Barron and Alan Singer

Marilyn Miller, Tom Hurd and Mary Ogle

Neal Hershenson, Deanna Lloyd (back), Ken Peterson and Chris Peterson

Martha Youngquist, Neal Hershenson and Chris Peterson

Mary Ogle, Paula Dean and Vince Goddard

Mary Ogle, Jeanne Barron and Vince Goddard

Peggy Flora and Tom Hurd

Marilyn Miller and her daughter, Anna

Ken Peterson

Alan Singer

Starlight Bowl


Thank you so much for all your work on your BLOG! And you've done everything so fast! May I call you QuickDraw McGraw? Oh God, I'm dating myself. But oh yeah! You're as old as I am -- so I don't feel so bad.

So, the party's over. It came and went so fast. But a few photographers got some terrific pictures, and I think you did a real good job in naming everyone -- even the DJ! I too have some pictures which I'll send to you soon.

In the meantime, I spent the following week in Burbank and saw several friends -- some of whom went to the reunion, and some who didn't. Those who went certainly enjoyed themselves and we thank everyone who was part of making it the success it was -- especially Donna Luce and Cathy Nicholls! I'm sure the planning and work involved is a HUGE task, so they deserve a hearty Thank You!

As I saw more people, I began to wonder if any consideration might be given to changing the venue for the next one? In talking with classmates afterward, it was suggested that a more relaxed event might be worth looking into. The cost would hopefully be less (which might motivate more people to come?), and perhaps there would be more opportunity for conversation? A fellow BHS'er who graduated a few years ahead of us said her reunion consisted of a tour of the newly renovated Burbank High and a barbecue right there at the school. Everyone thought that was a great idea.

Any chance we can take over Bob's Toluca Lake for an entire day? :-) Or Starlight Bowl with its grassy lawn, and seating for 1200? I know, this is a stretch, but maybe we can find something a little less costly, and a little more comfortable? Just some ideas I thought I'd pass along. Maybe you have a genius idea?

I had a great time at Bob's (thanks for that idea, Cathy!) and at the reunion. I wonder if we'll have to wait another 10 years, or if something will be done in 5? I'd vote for 5, but I'm a serious sentimentalist.

Thanks again, Cathy, for your BLOG. It's so much fun to read about everyone and see where their lives have taken them. I agree with Cathy Nicholls Coyle that we were the last class of innocence. But what a great class it was!

Talk to you soon,


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