Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Luana Scott

So good to hear from you Luana and thanks so much for the update, my friend! I used your pic from classmates.com

Hi Cathy!

I had no idea that anyone would even remember me from 40 years ago. I am not entirely certain how to send a picture other than the one that I posted and I am not big on blogging.

Just to give you a short synopsis - Moved away from Burbank MANY years ago after I graduated BHS. Moved to Hawaii where I met my later to be hubby. Then I joined up with the Airlines in 1970 to become a Flight Hostess with TWA. Stayed with them for 33 yrs. until American Airlines bought them out and laid all of us off. I have been fortunate to have been able to travel alot and enjoy the benefits of an airline employee.

I settled in Seal Beach in 1973 after finally getting a transfer from NYC and KC, Mo. I married in 1974 but divorced less than two years later - seems he couldn't keep it to himself. I have never married since. I have only ever loved two men and that is fine. I have no children and no family left.

I still have my childhood home in Burbank and that turns a decent income for me. I don't get up to Burbank much. Too HOT up there for me but recently even the beach is hot.

I did get together with Sue Wildrick and Susan Gallant in July since none of us were going to go to the reunion. We met up in Burbank as Susan's mom still lives there. Sue is in Temecula and Susan live in the Azores. (She was home for summer break>) It was good to see them both.

Can't believe how many of our classmates have passed away. Seems that it just can't be.

Well it was good to hear from you. Take care and enjoy that Northern Calif. Clime.

Cheers, ^jj^ ;o)) Luana

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