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BHS Centennial Celebration Sept 11-14, 2008

Next year there is a 100 year old party for BHS and below are the details!

Hi Cathy,

Thank you for your email. There is not yet an active website for the Centennial, but we hope to have the official site up by mid-November. The address will be

The main Centennial Celebration date will be September 11-14, 2008, and we have plenty of exciting events planned.

Please encourage alums to put these dates on their calendars. We will also be
rededicating the BHS War Memorial on this next Memorial Day, 2008. That will be the first Centennial event which will culminate a year later with the graduation of the Centennial class in June of 2009.

I am attaching an alumni interview form (below) which you may print out and distribute or email to interested alums. Please encourage them to email it
to any alums they know as well. We are trying to get it out to as many alums as possible.

We are having an evening planning reception on Wednesday, October 17 at 7:00pm in the BHS Library. Anyone interested in helping with the
Centennial is welcome to attend.

I am sorry we do not yet have our Centennial publications finished, but I hope this helps. If anyone has questions they can email me at this address until the website is up, or can call 818-558-4700 x57808.

I hope you have a wonderful reunion on Saturday, and that many of you will plan
to join us next year for the Centennial celebration.


Dave Thomson
Burbank High Social Science
Key Club Faculty Advisor
BHS Centennial Chair
818-558-4700 x51162


Burbank High School Alumni Interview

Name (First, MI, Last):
Maiden Name (if applicable):
Year of Graduation:
Current Mailing Address:
Street Name and Number:
Phone Number:
Email address:
May we contact you for a video interview, or any other additional, relevant information?
May we publish your story (or excerpts) on the BHS Centennial website and in print material?

Do you have any memorabilia you would be willing to donate to a permanent display of BHS history? (Please describe):

INTERVIEW: (Feel free to attach additional sheets if needed. This interview will be available to complete online at in the near future.)
How did you get to school (car/bike, walk, etc.)?

What were some of your favorite classes at Burbank High School and why?

Who were some of your favorite teachers/staff?

Did you play sports at BHS? If so, which ones? (Please feel free to add details about positions played, accomplishments, recognitions/awards, leadership, etc.)

Which clubs did you join? (Did you have any leadership positions?)

Were you involved in Fine/Performing Arts? (Please add details)

Were you involved in any other extracurricular activities at BHS? (Please describe).

Do you have any memorable moments to share? (Humor, pranks, married a sweetheart, etc.)

Please describe any favorite after school and/or weekend hangouts.

Did you have any relatives who attended BHS? Please list with relationship.

Who were some of your friends at BHS?

Did you receive any awards and/or honors at BHS?

Did you attend school dances? What music did you listen to?

Were there any traditions at BHS that you remember? Please describe.

Do you remember any world/U.S. events that affected you while you were at BHS?

What did you do after graduating? Please describe.

Please feel free to attach any additional stories or reflections to this form and return to:

Burbank High Centennial Project
Attn. Dave Thomson
902 N. Third St.
Burbank, CA 91502

Or email the completed form to

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