Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dona Foy


Hello Cathy,

I love the blog! You are doing such a great job. Thank you so much for putting this together.

I am so sad to see so many of our classmates have passed away. Some were at the last reunion which seems like a couple of years ago not 10. My mind goes back to all of the fun times that we had during our elementary, junior high and high school days.

Yes, you can mention that I am getting married on November 25th to Scott Bruckner ! We reconnected 5 years ago at the “all-school” reunion at the Police Academy . Our family will consist of my 2 sons, his 3 daughters and 1 son. Plus he has a grandson and another grandson arriving in November. We feel totally blessed to have found each other after all of these years! Thank Goodness I am not pregnant!

See you in a few weeks.


Dona Porcaro, CRP, GMS
Fidelity Residential Solutions
Vice President, National Business Development
Newhall, CA 91321

Be sure to check out Scott's wonderful artwork here:

Pamela Roberts

We will miss you at the reunion Pam. So good to hear from you!

Wow, are you going? I will be at a motorcycle race and /birthday for my David (31) that week end. I sent in a picture and will be excited to get the memory book. How are you? All is well here, pluggin along as usual.

You are STILL so much fun. Your family is beautiful and am so happy you found the Lord, He makes our lives so much better.

I have had such a wonderful life and have 3 great kids and 3 grand kids. My oldest Jennifer (37) is a customer service rep for a chemical co., she has Kelsey (16) and Carly (13.5) both full of life and doing well in school, and thankfully keeping their mom on her toes, paybacks!

My middle son Doug works construction, off at the moment because of an injury, has a son Derek (14) who is 6'4" already!! and a great kid also! Lives with a girl who has 2 kids in Morro Bay.

My youngest son David and his wife Mindie live on the acre with me in a granny house. He works for CAL TRANS, the people you love to hate! And she is a manicurist studying to be a CPA. Maybe kids by 2009 (?) I'm hopeful =}

And as for me, I am an accounts payable coordinator for 2 companies, one in Tustin and where I am in San Luis Obispo county. I have been here for 15 years and will retire from here I'm sure. My husband of 38 wonderful years passed away in 2005 and I miss him terribly, but the rustling of all those people and my friend circle keep me alive and kickin. I am blessed!

I keep in touch with Henny, Jerry and Teri Clark, Marsha Werth and others sometimes, and can't believe we are this long out of high school...we must be getting old!

Well my friend, must get back to work, but thanks for the chat, it was great!

Hope you have fun at the party!

Love Pam Roberts Spang

Jay (Chris) Peterson

Hi Chris! I guess you go by Jay now? Thanks for great update.

Hi Cathy,

I have found your blog extremely well prepared and entertaining. I haven't posted because I'm not sure what I want to write yet. Kind of reminds me of my homework at BHS....."I'm still preparing the final copy Miss Thompson."

My profile in is pretty comprehensive perhaps you might gleen some stuff off from it for your blog. I do lots of crazy stuff, like acting in community theater, and I have posted some photos reflecting those activities. I'm also building a 1930 Model A Tudor sedan streetrod. That is a story of its own and the 'my pages' section in my classmates profile is dedicated to that hobby. Enough about me....

You described yourself to a "T" in this last email. You were, and still are, tons of fun......what an admirable trait. One needs a sense of humor in today's world! I await the reunion anxiously to rekindle lost friendships and yours is certainly one of those.
I will attach one photo because my camera shoots pictures in files bigger than 2 megs and they won't send via e-mail.

I plan on giving my posting some thought on your blog but feel free to pirate anything you wish from my classmates profile.

Jay (Chris) Peterson

Got my start working for the City of Los Angeles dept of recreation and parks at GRIFFITH PARK in 1965. Really a fun job working with lots of young people from all over the LA area. Most memorable event was a football game held on the green area near the merry-go-round at night after all the gates were locked. Everyone parked their car around the field with their lights on and the game was incredible. Many of the guys played for HS teams or JC teams and I saw more injuries in that one night than a whole season of HS team football could produce. Had that job for 6 and a half years. Also worked in the grocery business as a clerk/cashier. RALPHS and ALPHA BETA markets for 8 and a half years. Worked in industry as a production control expeditor. Made precision ball bearings for any kind of hi-tech machine including nuclear reactors, jet engines, tolerances within .0001" were common. Exotic materials including all grades of stainless steel and titianium. Owned my own cabinet making business for 8 years. Built custom cabinets and woodwork. Had a kitchen featured in the HOME section of the LA TIMES. Did my own tile and formica installations, plumbing and electrical in the kitchen. Taught HS social studies at Antelope Valley HS for 8 years. Was laid-off when Prop. 13 was passed. Got a rare opportunity to teach industrial arts at a middle school. Had that job for 21 years and the only hands-on woodshop in the district of 16 schools. My students leave my classroom with a basic understanding of mechanical and architectural drafting and the operations of most woodworking machines used in cabinet shops today. To date...NO INJURIES during my tenure as a shop teacher. Put that in your 'no child left behind' BS! I'm one person that got to set a goal in HS and fulfill it. Under my senior picture it states I wanted to go to state college and teach industrial 'em both done!

Denny Lombard

9/18/07 UPDATE: Click here to see a few of Denny's photographs from Lockheed - stunning work!

Great to hear about all your exciting adventures and want to hear more. Please bring your camera to the Reunion and we'll post your pics/videos here on the blog, Denny!


What a great way to catch us up on our high school friends. I have really enjoyed reading some of the other stories. You always wonder; what happened to...?

I have been married to the same woman for 36 years and we have two daughters who have given us six grandchildren. The Lord has seen us through the many ups and downs of family life. I have made a lot of trips over the years, down to a mission in Mexico where I take pictures for my “evangelist” mother-in-law who travels all over the world sharing the work the Lord has been doing at the mission, which is located in Vicente Guerrero, Baja California.
Her book, entitled Charla’s Children has won many awards.

My interest in photography while I was in High School eventually turned into a career. Upon graduation I went into the Navy and then went to work for Lockheed. I am currently the chief promotional photographer and photojournalist in Palmdale, California. They use the word chief just because I am the old guy!

My thirty-seven years at the Skunk Works has produced photos of many of the company’s world-renowned aircraft, such as the F-117, U-2, SR-71, and YF-22, and due to the widespread interest of these fantastic airplanes, many ended up on the covers of magazines and inside books all over the world. In the late 1980s, I spent many weeks at Tonopah , Nevada photographing the then “Top Secret” F-117 for the Nighthawk’s debut to the world! I was also very fortunate to fly in the back seats of F-16s and F-15s as the photo chase photographer on the YF-22 flight test program, which was the prototype to the new “world-dominance fighter aircraft” the F-22 Raptor.

The picture attached is me hanging out the back of an old historical B-25 to photograph the U-2 during a mission. The B-25 is an awesome platform to shoot from. There is nothing between you and the airplane following you and yes, I am harnessed in!

Obviously I really enjoy my job in aerospace. In my spare time, I am the secretary of ISAP, International Society for Aviation Photography, and really enjoy our symposiums where we gather with other aviation photographers from all over the world once a year.

While I am winding down for retirement, my wife and I look forward to some road-trips, spoiling our grandchildren, and getting healthy again, as well as some much needed rest!

Thanks for letting me share too and I will see you at the reunion!

Denny (Dennis) Lombard

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Connie Cirinelli

What beautiful grand babies you have, Connie! See you at the Reunion, my friend.

A mother of three girls, grandmother of eight: six boys, two granddaughters, and one great grand child on the way.

My life now...
live on a farm and love living away from town we have chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, and cats. During the week I work in the city. Sometimes I work in the field armed or unarmed but most of the time I work in the office. I feel my employees have more respect for a boss that can perform all the job descriptions. I've owned a security guard company for sixteen years we have about fifty employees. I like camping - not the ruff kind - in our RV and boating for a sport.

Connie Edwards

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In Loving Memory of our Classmates and Friends...

We offer our prayers and deepest condolences to the family of these classmates.

Getting ready for our 50th Reunion in September, I made this video January 2017:

If you have a note or memory you'd like to share, please email - thank you.

Be sure to visit updates at the Virtual Cemeteries for the BHS Class '67 and for the BHS Alumni which have been created by classmate Linda Mustion. And CLICK HERE to see Linda's latest website of Burbank High in Memoriam to read published obituaries.

(Also, CLICK HERE to visit another memorial website which has all classes for both BHS and Burroughs by Richard Crescitelli)

(7/1/06, Creswell,Oregon)
Virtual Cemetery

(3/4/2001, Sun Valley, CA)
Virtual Cemetery

(12/22/1998, Carson City, NV)

(5/2/2014, Heart Failure, Payson, Arizona)

(January 28, 2010, Cancer, Joseph, Oregon)
Memorial Page

(June 14, 1985, Liver cancer, Los Angeles)
Virtual Cemetery
Read more here

(11/22/88, Auto Accident, Long Beach, CA)
Virtual Cemetery


(8/23/68, KIA, Viet Nam)
Please read more about Bill
Virtual Cemetery

(12/8/2011, Stockton, CA)

Read more here:

(6/15/14, Heart attack, Burbank CA)
Read More Here

(3/3/69, KIA. Viet Nam)
Virtual Cemetery

(7/18/09, Colorado)
CLICK HERE to read Scott's Obituary.


(4/18/04, Heart problems and diabetes, Westwood, CA)
Virtual Cemetery

Hi Cathy, was nice to see you again at our reunion. I checked out your website and thought it was fantastic.You put a lot of work into it. Do you know how we lost some of our classmates? Richard Carner being one. We used to be great friends growing up in Junior High. I lost track of him after High School. I was saddened to see his picture in the Memorial section of the website. Well have to go for now, talk to you soon.

God Bless,
Michael Torres

Hope to hear from you soon!

Michael, I do not know but maybe someone reading this will send me an email:

(Dec 2013 Calif)
Read more here

Virtual Cemetery



(2/12/98, Diabetes, Reno NV)
Virtual Cemetery

According to brother-in-law Owen Newcomer (BHS '66), current mayor of Whittier:
Steve's details are that he died on Feb. 12, 1998 in Reno, Nevada. Steve and Linda resided for more than 30 years in Taylorsville, California, which is a two-hour drive from Reno. After retiring from owning and operating a garage and gasoline station in Taylorsville, Steve had earned his BA at the University of Nevada, Reno and was pursuing his MA in Engineering. Linda is doing fine with her new family. She finally has children: okay two are married and the baby is in college, but children nonetheless. She resides in Bellevue, Washington now.

1/31/08 Email update from Steve's widow:
Good Morning,
I received a letter form my brother, Owen Newcomer, stating you all needed some information on Steven Colley's death. Steve died February 12,1998 in Reno NV while pursuing his Master's in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada Reno. I remarried last year to a long time friend of Steve's and mine and moved to WA.

Linda Colley Muren
Bellevue WA


(6/22/98, Pittsburg, CA)
Virtual Cemetery

This morning, Feb 3, 2015, I received an email from Don Day asking if I’d share some of his email exchange with John Coon’s daughter, Kathryn Fike, with her permission. We miss all our departed classmates and it is always a blessing to learn more about their lives from their family. Thank You Kathryn and Thank You Don!

Hello Don, My Uncle Mike Coon shared with me he met you in the park on Saturday and that you knew my father John Coon. Thank you for sharing with him how you knew my father and how at his high school reunions they still display his picture. That brought the family much comfort and I just wanted to express my appreciation for the gesture.

Hi Kathryn, It’s such a wonderful pleasure to hear from you. Thanks so very much for reaching out to me. I was having a most interesting chat with your Uncle Mike, but it was even wonderfuller (I’m a writer, I can invent words) when I learned that he is John Coon’s brother. John was one of the quiet, good guys. Like me, he was not someone whose greatest desire was to be recognized. He seemed to be happy being himself. And most important, he was friendly with everyone — no matter if they were the “in crowd,” the jocks, the surfers or the car guys. I missed the 10-year Burbank High School reunion, so I don’t know if he attended. But I know he wasn’t at the later reunions. It would have been great to see him. It saddened me when I heard that he had passed. I’d like to learn more about your dad since high school. I’m pretty sure we worked at the Burbank Post Office at the same time. We drove those crazy, three-wheeled death traps to collect the mail from all of the mail boxes around the city. Oh how I would like to know more about you and the rest of his family. I’m still in Burbank. I spent most of my time as an investigative journalist in television, radio, newspapers and magazines. When I got back from Vietnam, I returned to my job at the post office before I went to work for the U.S. Postal Inspectors. After 10 years of government service, I switched to journalism. Today, I have a non-profit organization that focuses on preserving all forms of media so that future generations can learn about the past. Sorry to be so wordy. Again, thanks for reaching out. Please tell your Uncle Mike that I said, “Hey!”

Hello Don, I am sorry when I read your response earlier all of your message did not come through on my cell phone, I came home to check my email and more was revealed, including the picture of my father you included. So as a family we moved from Pasadena when I was around 4? My brother is 2 years older than I. We moved to Northern CA, Pittsburg to be exact, and my father worked for Pacific Bell for around 25 years ending up in management. Then the layoff's came and he was one of them. He was able to land a job with Intel in Santa Clara as his younger brother Jerry worked there. He had a hell of a commute but loved his job when he got there. Later he took a transfer to their Folsom office and would stay in Folsom during the week and then come home on the weekends. We were all going to make the big move to Folsom when we got the news he had cancer. We were able to get out of the sale and purchase of both homes and then began the battle for his life. He did chose to do chemo after all, even though I found out after his passing he only had a 7% chance of survival. We lost him about a year later, and life was never the same. He missed out on a few big moments, my graduation from college, the marriages of both his kids and the successive grand children. For a while there I was pretty mad this had happened to him and to us, but then I found a place of peace and gratitude for having been blessed with such a father for 22 years. He was a good and generous man who always made us laugh. I am more than open to sharing about my father. I also sent you a contact request on LinkedIn, I too have ended up in management, much like my father, but maybe one day I can land the big job! I did marry a history buff so I know he would appreciate what you do!

Dear Kathryn, I can't thank you enough for filling me in on some of the family details.. I had a feeling John would do well. It's not surprising that he created a great, close-knit family. Would you allow me to share your email with the person who runs the blog for the BHS class of 1967 and the memorial blog? I'm sure John's friends would really like to hear about him. Again, thanks so very much.

KATHRYN: Absolutely as I am my father's daughter :)

--- end ---

The above exchange was posted here:

And here are a couple of more memorials from Linda Mustion

Feb 3, 2015 Kathyrn sent this great photo to add of her with her folks.

"Here is a picture of my parents and I. This is from the mid 90's as he passed away in 98. As you can tell his sense of humor rarely turned off :)"


(8/28/93, Agent Orange, Los Angeles)
Virtual Cemetery

(7/21/96 Humboldt County, CA)

June 12, 2009
When Don Ray emailed saying he had tracked down the family of Johnny de la Rosa and learned that he had died quite a few years ago of problems relating to alcoholism, I looked for his name in the Social Security Death Index without success. Then I searched the California Death Record and there it was. It said Johnny was born December 14, 1947, making him a year older than most of us. Ken Moore emailed: "Johnny lived very near me on Santa Anita and 6th street area. I remember, Johnny was always one of the first playground picks for all sports. He was naturally strong and coordinated at an early age. He was pretty level headed. He was wise for his years. 1947 explains it now. Johnny gave me my first Spanish language classes."


(7/30/03, Burbank, CA)
Virtual Cemetery

Richard and his brother Robert (Mike) were in the band, The Boston Tea Party in the 60's - read more here!


(1996, Brain Tumor, Hawaii's Big Island)
Virtual Cemetery


(9/27/07, Breast Cancer, Oceanside, CA)
Please read more about Lynn

Virtual Cemetery

(10/23/2015, White Oak, TX)
Please read more about Jackie


Virtual Cemetery

(6/29/2012, Brain Tumor)
Read more here:

(January 24, 2011 - Luekemia, New Jersey)
Memorial Page


(2/15/07, Cancer, Santa Clarita, CA)
Virtual Cemetery

A Recollection of Linda Foreman Hildebrand, BHS'67 by Kent Barcus:

Lynda, you remain very special though you are gone from us for now. However quietly you touched others with artwork, with music, with graciousness. Your designs adorned the likes of the '67 Ceralbus cover and Burbank City vehicles. In composing for and playing guitar you helped others celebrate higher things. You put gatherings together ranging from a few hours to a weekend, never making yourself the center of things. When we sat through one of Dr. Louis Gasper's rants against basic Christianity in his Sociology course at Pierce College you kept from being goaded into one of his traps; somehow your quietness got to him. You always seemed to show graciousness and intelligence and beauty and charm and concern--the right kind of people in the sense of character, never the elitist sense. And Paul was sensible enough, early enough, to realize very appealing qualities in you, and rightly so. It's good for us to think of you and miss you but better to see that to have known you we were favored and blessed.

(2/14/10, Cancer, San Bruno, CA)
Please see Lee's Memorial Page

(9/25/12, Hear Attack, Burbank, CA)
Memorial Page:

(9/19/96, Heart Attack, Palmdale, CA)
Virtual Cemetery


(6/8/80, Dune Buggy Accident, Glendale, CA)
Virtual Cemetery

(1/14/17, AZ)
Read more here

(1988 CA)

Virtual Cemetery

Bob was a fun friend in school as we had several classes together at both Muir and BHS. I regret we didn't stay in touch after graduation although we both promised each other we would. Even though I just this week discovered that Bob died 18 years ago, I pray for comfort and blessing for his family as he is missed by many. Love you, Bob! Cathy Palmer 5/8/08

Read more about Bob here.

11/4/08: Please click here to read an email from Bob's neice, Lindsay.


(11/13/91, Los Angeles)
Virtual Cemetery

(4/4/2000, Valley Village, CA)

Virtual Cemetery

(4/21/2000, Car accident, CA)
Virtual Cemetery
Suzan married Douglas Ralph Kelly in 1969. She had one son that we know of and they lived in Ventura, Calif. Also we found this in the Ventura County Star:
Suzan Cecelia Heppes[Suzan Cecelia Kelly]
DOB: 6 Apr 1949 - Glendale Los, California
DOD: 21 Apr 2000
SS 554763054

(12/5/2010, Liver and Kidney Failure, Pennsylvania, PA)
Please CLICK HERE to read more.



(7/26/2014, Port Townsend, WA)
Please CLICK HERE to read more.


(12/7/10, Complications Related to Multiple Sclerosis, Montrose, CA)
Please read more HERE.

I will always remember my Dad as a postitive, brave, funny and enduring person. Even though MS took more than half his life, he was very special to me in his thoughts and experiences. He was a hero to me for his strength and attitude.

He meant a lot to me and taught me how to keep fighting even when it looks like you're losing. He was so stong and it showed in his fight.

He was very funny and we laughed a lot together. I was very thankful to my family for helping me to be able to see him before he was able to finally let his suffering go. I will miss him so very much. I loved him very, very much.
~ Tiffani Tolbert, Gainesville, Georgia December 13, 2010

I will always remember my Dad with a never-quit, strong-willed, postitive attitude, and as a brave person. Over half his life was taken with MS but he has always been my hero. I loved him with all my heart and I am happy he is not suffering anymore. I will never forget him because his strength and never-say-die attitude lives in me. I'll miss him very, very much.
~ Tiffani, Ganiesville, Georgia December 13, 2010

Len was an amazing uncle. He had a great sense of humor and such a brave, strong spirit. I will always remember him as a fun-loving, genuine, and caring man.
~ Laura Taylor, Fallbrook, California

(1/7/65, Motorcycle Accident, Burbank)
Virtual Cemetery


(8/20/92, Liver cancer, Northridge - Residence at death: Santa Fe, NM)
Virtual Cemetery

According to Debbie, Steven's sister, she told Linda Mustion that her brother passed away in a Northridge hospital of Liver Cancer and he was cremated with his ashes scattered over the mountains in California.


(1/20/02, Bakersfield, CA)
Virtual Cemetery

Written on George's tombstone:



(2/21/06, Cancer, Burbank, CA) more

Virtual Cemetery

UPDATE January 21, 2009
Today received this touching email from Mike's son, Derek:

Michael Dennis Kubelka - BHS Class 1967

Michael Kubelka is my father. He passed away from throat and lung cancer on 02/21/2006 at his childhood home in Burbank. My father was very proud of his military service during the Vietnam war. He served in the 101st Airborne Division as a medic. After his service, he returned home to Burbank and worked as a finishing carpenter. He married my mother, Jackie, and had one child (me - Michael Derek Kubelka) in 1976. My mother and father were only married for a few years, but remained close friends until his death. My father never remarried. When my father was diagnosed with cancer in December 2005 my mother insited that she take care of him, which she did, until he passed away on February 21, 2006. My father has two grandchildren, ages 3 and 1. Unfortunately, he never had a chance to meet the youngest. He was only around for the first 4 months of the oldests life. Nevertheless, he was extremely proud to be a Grandpa! My father was a good and honest man. He had his fair share of flaws, but he always put friends and family first. He was known as "everyone's dad" because he always seemed to be giving fatherly advise to all of my friends when I was growing up. He is missed a great deal by all of those that knew him.

I tried to keep it short. I could have written a novel.....

Thank you for your time,
Derek Kubelka

(9/15/2015 Cancer)

(3/10/2012 in Chatsworth, CA)


(12/17/06, Corvallis, OR)
Virtual Cemetery

(6/26/10, Marina Del Rey, CA)
Paul graduated from another high school

Read More

(July 3, 2015)
Read more here


Dennis Lee McComas

(2014, Heart Attack)
Read More Here

(9/16/99, Heart Attack, Fullerton, CA)
Virtual Cemetery

According to her mother, Sue Magee McCoy passed away in September of 1999 from a sudden and fatal heart attack while she was at work. The paramedics took her to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, California where she was pronounced dead. She was 50 years old. Sue was cremated. Sue had lived in Orange County for many years up until her death. At the time of her death she had a teenage daughter, Kelly. Kelly is now the mother of a three year old boy and they live in Montana. Sue's mother said her granddaughter, Kelly, will be "thrilled" to learn about her mother being listed and pictured on the blog!

(7/23/07, Fairbanks, Alaska)
Virtual Cemetery

(8/7/72, Auto Accident, Burbank)
Virtual Cemetery


(June 23, 2013. Leukemia, Washington, Utah)

(March 5, 2014)

Read more here:

(11/9/09, Webster, Texas)
Please read more here.

Nov 20, 2009 Update:
Sandy, Ken's widow, emailed today saying, "Ken's funeral was yesterday at Houston Memorial Cemetery. It was a very simple ceremony as Ken would not have wanted a big event. His son, Tommy, and oldest daughter, Mindy, were present as well as many friends and extended family members. Two members of the Air Force were also present and did a wonderful job of the flag ceremony." We continue to pray for this family who miss their husband and father.


(3/25/94, Liver Disease, Los Angeles)
Virtual Cemetery

(6/11/2017 Automobile Accident, Augora Hills CA)


 (November 15, 2017, Davis CA)

Read More Here

(10/16/10, Heart Attack, Alpine, CA)

Note on Facebook from his daughter, Katie:
"Yesterday Saturday October 16th one of the greatest men ever passed away. He was with his family and he was doing what he loved. Rick died of a massive heart attack. He will be missed I am sure by all who knew him. Thank you to eveyone who has called and given their condolances and I want you to know he loved you all dearly. I will post about a memorial service later."



(3/8/76, , Los Angeles, CA)
Virtual Cemetery


(2/25/83, Glendale, CA)
Virtual Cemetery


(12/31/00, heart attack while surfing at Torrey Pines in San Diego, CA)
Virtual Cemetery

July 10, 2008
Received this email today... We all miss your brother, Ellen. Thanks so much for writing.

Hi Cathy.
Could you please add to my brother Tim's memorial details. He had married a 1973 BHS graduate Jill Bymaster in 1988. They had two beautiful sons, Martin (now 18) and Lane (now 12).

Thank You - Ellen O'Dea


(1998, Lymphoma Cancer, Burbank)
Virtual Cemetery

2/5/08 UPDATE
Received this email from Linda Mustion:

Hi! Cathy & Cathy.......I am passing on an update of our deceased classmate David Joseph Olin. I found out his brother's name and a phone number for him here in Burbank. His name is Jon Olin. So I called him and as it turns out Jon was a teacher at Burbank High for several years until he retired and does sub. teaching in different schools. Anyhow he told me that his brother and our classmate passed away in 1998 in Burbank of Lymphoma Cancer. David was married and divorced and had remarried but was separated. He was a sailor and had a sailboat and in 1990 he sailed to the South Pacific and ended up being gone 8 years. While in Australia he was diagnosed with cancer and treated there and it went in to submission and then returned. He sold the sailboat and flew back home and was home only for awhile before he passed away. About a week after his death his father had a heart attack and passed away. The family had a double funeral service. David Olin was cremated and his ashes scattered over Catalina Island.


Virtual Cemetery

I have LOTS of fun memories of Vern from Miller Elementary school, Muir and BHS - we greatly miss him.

4/20/08 UPDATE
Sherri Giessinger and Vern were the leads (Fiona and Tommy) in the musical, Brigadoon, at BHS (photo below - click to enlarge).

In an email Sherri wrote 4/19/08, she said:
"Perhaps his parents live in the area they took Vern and a bunch of us theater types to after graduation. It was a small town and we spent a few weeks there preparing a melodrama for the locals. It was so much fun. We did all the scenery with little money or supplies, just talent and determination. His parents were wonderful people. I'd love to email them if possible and thank them for being who they were and being able to enjoy their wonderful son. I still have the charm that Vern gave me for being 'his Fiona' in Brigadoon."


(10/20/2017, Lehi, Utah) 


(5/3/85, Santa Paula, CA)
Virtual Cemetery


(11/10/94, Complications from a life of Muscular Dystrophy, then a stroke at 42 years of age, and finally pneumonia, Burbank)
Virtual Cemetery

According to her mother in San Marcos, Barbara Peterson passed away on November 10, 1994 at home in Burbank at age 45. Barbara's earthly remains were cremated and are buried at Grandview Memorial Park in Glendale. Barbara lived and suffered with Muscular Dystrophy disease for most of her life. Three years before her death she also suffered a debilitating stroke. She moved back home with her parents in Burbank, and from then on until her death they lovingly cared for Barbara themselves in their home. Barbara's death was due to complications of the Muscular Dystrophy, the stroke, and at the end also pneumonia. During the years that Barbara was on her own she worked for many years for "Joni and Friends", the Christian ministry organization of well known Christian author and artist, Joni Eareckson Tada.

PLEASE NOTE: Barbara's name is listed twice on Richard Crescitelli's Memoriam website (class '67 & class '68) because even though she was in our class all through school, due to health reasons, she graduated in '68.

February 27, 2018
READ more here

July 16, 2016
Maui, Hawaii

(3/12/09, Palmdale, CA)
Virtual Cemetery

On 3/30/08 Judy's brother, Bob, wrote to Pam Kirkwood:
"Some sad news, my sister Judith Rosen Hopper class of '67 passed on March 12, 2009, in Palmdale California."


(2/18/87, Breast Cancer, Fresno, CA)

Virtual Cemetery

Fresno Bee, The (CA) - February 19, 1987

Sue Rosenstein , a news reporter for Channel 24, died Wednesday morning after a long battle with cancer. She was 37. A memorial service that Ms. Rosenstein wrote is planned at noon Saturday in the Cross Church. Ms. Rosenstein was a native of Los Angeles. She was a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where she majored in English.

Her first job in journalism was as public affairs director at a TV station in Wichita, Kan. In 1979 she moved to Channel 24 as a reporter.

She was the host of "Women's Day," a program about news of interest to women, for two years and made frequent appearances on the station's other public affairs discussion programs.

Ms. Rosenstein was a general assignment reporter most of her years at Channel 24. Recently, she had specialized in coverage of health and education issues, especially those related to cancer and cancer victims.

She also produced a number of special news series for "Newscenter" broadcasts about such subjects as rent control, tenants rights and vitamins.

Ms. Rosenstein was active in the community helping cancer victims and families of people with cancer. She shared her knowledge of journalism with students at Fresno State University, where she had lectured.

She had to leave the station for several months during her first bout with cancer. As the disease progressed, she became unable to work again last summer and did not return to the air before her death.

Just a few weeks ago, Ms. Rosenstein wrote a note to Channel 24 news assignment editor Bill Murphy in which she said, "I never realized until now what a gift it is to work for a living."

Ms. Rosenstein is survived by her father, Jerome of Burbank, and her brother, Barry of Thousand Oaks.

Lisle Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. The family asks that any remembrance be sent to Hospice of Fresno.

Sue Rosenstein was a 1967 graduate of Burbank High School, Burbank, California. In our yearbook next to Susie's senior picture it says she was active in the following while at BHS:

Coll. Prep, ASB Recording Sec 12 grade; Exec. Council 12 grade; AFS Candidate(Finalist); Chamber Singers 12 grade; Operetta 12 grade; AFS 12 grade; CSF 10, 11 & 12 grade; Seminar Chair 12 grade. Will be majoring in philosophy at UCSC.

(1982, Helicopter crash, Alaska)
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According to his mother, John Russell died in 1982 in Alaska while piloting a helicopter. His helicopter went down during a "white out", and John died in the crash landing. John was 33. A close friend and fellow pilot found the wreckage after the crash, and contacted John's parents in Kenya. They traveled from Kenya to Alaska and were able to see his body after they arrived, which was possible due to the circumstances of the crash. John was cremated in Alaska and then his parents took his remains back to Kenya and scattered them over Mt. Kenya.

John Russell grew up and lived in Ethiopia and Kenya, except for his years at BHS. His parents were Presbyterian missionaries. During the time at BHS his parents were on furlough from Africa, and his dad was an associate minister at Glendale Presbyterian Church. After that they returned to Kenya for many more years until retirement, which included when John died in 1982.

(9/4/07 Pancreatic Cancer, Lachine, Quebec)
Please read more about Sharon
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(3/13/83, Burbank)
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October 29, 2008
Received this touching note this morning - may the Lord bless and comfort your heart, Jeanine.

I often think of Nick. He loved his children very much and had their names tatoo'd over his heart. He had so much to offer the world and if given more time he would have. I had joy, tears and love as his wife. He lives on through his children and grandchildren. We miss him in our lives, till we meet again.
Jeanine Satel

Thanks for writing Brandi. If anyone has something share about Brandi's father Nick, please post below or email me. Thanks.

June 14, 2008
Dear Cathy,
Thank You so much for you kindness in putting this site together. My father was Nick Satel and I was so pleased to find that people remember him. Although he passed when when I was young tonight I found my self missing him I was so pleased to google his name and find this memorial thank you so much.If you knew him or any stories about him I would love to read them. sincerely
Brandi Satel Johnson

(1999, ovarian cancer, Big Bear City)

(4/20/02, CA, plane crash)
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(2001 CA, brain hemorrage)


(7/27/90, San Jose, CA)
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Dewey's brother is Gary Smestad ('64) and Gary's wife, Karen Shield Smestad ('64), emailed saying that Dewey never graduated from Burbank High because his parents relocated to San Jose in 1965 or 66. So Dewey did pass away in San Jose at the age of 42 - so young!


(12/13/04, Ovarian Cancer, Santa Fe - Issusing state: CA )
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My Friend Debbie by Cathy Palmer

Just now found this... here's what Debbie wrote in my senior ceralbus: "Palm, what do you say to someone who means as much as you do to me. You're about the best friend a girl could have. We're going to have so much fun next year. We'll always be friends. Love, Debbie Spaulding"
The last time I saw Debbie was at the 30 year reunion. We had lost touch over the years and it was wonderful to see her again. She was telling us about her upcoming wedding plans and we rejoiced with her as she gave us the details. Debbie was always so much fun and a delight to be around as she always had a way to make you laugh - I will miss her for that.

Not only was Debbie a gifted graphic artist, but she was a talented author. Here is an article she wrote about her battle with cancer:Reflections: Back from Remission by Deborah Milton Spaulding (8/03)


(1/20/74, Leukemia, North Hollywood, CA)
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(1970's, murdered camping, TX)
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(1/9/2012, heart attack, Lake Isabella, CA)
Please CLICK HERE to read more.


(5/21/77, Encephalitis, CA)
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Hi Cathy,

My name is Jennifer and my mom is Louise Trotta, I was 3 years old when she passed away, I am now 34, married with two children. Even though I don’t know you, I just wanted to say hi and that the memorial page that you have set up is very nice and thoughtful.

Thank you,

Jennifer Fowler Kuhn

Hi Jennifer

Thank you so much for writing.

And I am so sorry you lost your mother at such a young age, Jennifer!

In school, I remember your mother being a very sweet person - fun loving with a warm smile and a cute laugh.

So how did you mother die, Jennifer? It must have been around 1976? She was so young! If you write a little paragraph, I can put in on the blog so her other friends can read it. Thanks again, Jennifer. Doing the memorial page was the hardest thing and I wept many tears that day...

May the Lord richly bless you and your family,


Hi Cathy,

Thanks for writing back. First of all I’d like to say that I have an older brother he was 6 and I was 3 when our mom passed away. He’s in the Coast Guard and is stationed in Cape Cod but will be transferred to New York next July. We grew up in Burbank ; we graduated from Bell-Jeff. I work in Property Management and raise my kids in Burbank ; they now go to Roosevelt Elementary, my son is 10 and my daughter is 7. Our Dad remarried about 20 years ago.

My mom died May 21, 1977; she somehow contacted encephalitis and got traumatic headaches the week before she died. They were so severe that by the time my family put her in the hospital, she that night went into a convulsion that put her in a coma. She was 28.

All the stories I’ve heard about my mom, everyone remembers her laugh.

I just told my dad about the memorial page and he thought it very nice of someone to have put that together, and I am sure you have wept many tears as I am right now writing this email. You never seem to get over the death of someone, especially someone so close to you. Even though I was only 3 and don’t have many memories of my mom, I still get sad.

Thank you and I hope you have a wonder Holiday !



(4/7/97, Los Angeles)
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(1/6/98, Hepatic Encephalopahy/Liver failure/Metastatic Breast Cancer, Burbank)
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4/30/08 UPDATE
Received the following email from Teri McClain, sister of Shelly (Michelle):

Hi Cathy

Yes I can give you info on my sister. Michelle Troxel, Warren, Cowan, Beers, Woods died January 6, 1998 at St. Joseph's Hospital Burbank, CA. Her death cert. says she died of Hepatic Encephalopathy, Liver failure, Metastatic Breast cancer. In High school she had Hepatitis and as I understand it, you never get rid of it. She was cremated and her final disposition was three miles off Newport Beach shoreline. She had two children James David Warren. and Stacy Cowan, both live in Colorado.She had four grandchildren.

Cathy I will get back to you about - Me. Thanks you have done a great job on the BHS blog.


(11/5/07, Breast Cancer, Burbank)
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(2/26/2015, Pacoima, CA)


(9/20/07, Pancreatic Cancer)
Memorial Page


(7/7/07, Lung Cancer, Fountain Hills, AZ)
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Ken wrote in (date unknown): "I'm semi-retired and live in Fountain Hills ,Az. Am helping my sister take care of our mom who has Alzheimer's. I drove truck over the road for many years. I'm taking life somewhat easy and enjoying it today, one day at a time."


(6/17/93, Hip Surgery complications, Ventura Co, CA)
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(4/4/86, Los Angeles)
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(7/6/98, Pomona, CA)
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(1/26/17, Liver cancer, San Deigo CA  
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